Is The Premia Dishwasher Really That Good?

Who’s Behind The Premia Dishwasher?

Premia DishwasherI was also clueless about the Premia Dishwasher and even after doing a basic search over the Internet, I still could not see their official site. I decided to dig deeper and eventually I found out that the Premia Dishwasher is from Minea which is a French manufacturer of appliances and they’ve been in the business for 20 years already. Basically, Premia and Minea are just one and the same and for the past few years, they’ve been working hard to penetrate the United States market.

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When you do some research for the specifications of the Premia Dishwasher, you might encounter a smaller Danby model. And because of this, you might assume that Premia is just a re branded, bigger version of the Danby dishwasher. It turns out that the parts manufacturer for Minea and Danby is the same but Minea made the decision to improve on the design. Among those design improvements were changing the knobs into waterproof electronic buttons. This made sure that there was no occurrence of wear and it prevented the control parts from falling off. Another improvement was moving the controls from the bottom of the appliance to the door so you could efficiently maximize the loading area inside.

Let’s Discuss Its Performance

A lot of people are satisfied by the performance of the Premia Dishwasher mainly because the dishes came out a lot cleaner. Other brands required the most thorough wash cycle but results were noticeably less effective. The normal wash cycle will give you sparkling clean dishes and it takes well over 60 – 80 minutes. You can try out the speed setting (takes 45 minutes) if you’re just washing a bunch of utensils and glassware. The Premia Dishwasher also gives you 6 standard place settings instead of the usual 4. Basically, when you have more place settings, it means that there’s going to be more space for more stuff and bigger things too. It’s also important to note that your dishes will come out dry. There’s really no written indication about a drying cycle but it does actually dry your dishes in a normal wash cycle.


Other dishwasher brands have two separate hoses, an intake hose that connects to your faucet and another hose for draining. However, with the Premia Dishwasher, the fill and drain hoses are connected through a single piece adapter and can easily fit into your faucet because of the quick connect feature. The adapter has two chambers, the top and the bottom. The top chamber supplies the intake hose while the bottom chamber is for releasing. And because of this, the drainage now follows the same path just like the regular flow of your faucet. Now this will prevent a dangerous situation where your drainage hose suddenly pops out of your sink because of high water pressure.

Filtration System of the Premia Dishwasher

Other dishwashers in the market will only have a single metal screen to capture the pieces of food. The filtration system of the Premia Dishwasher gives you a sort of a disposal drainage system. On the bottom of the loading chamber, you will find a short cylindrical part which you can turn. Its outer layer is a fine wire mesh and the center is a tough plastic cage which is also covered by mesh. What happens is that the high water pressure from the spray arm actually breaks up the food into fine pieces and the remaining pieces will then go through the mesh which goes straight down the drain. If there’s some piece that’s too big or too tough to break down, it will get trapped in the cage and you can easily throw it into the garbage.

Rack Design and Built

The Premia Dishwasher has a much better rack design because your dishes will not fall through the wide gaps and block the sprayer arm like some other dishwashers. You might have a variety of serving pieces that would not fit in designated areas and this is where the rack design of Premia shines through.

The built is more solid compared to other dishwashers. The Premia Dishwasher has a stainless steel interior which is very easy to clean. The stainless interior is better than plastic because it prevents any stains and smell from sticking inside.

Noise Level

One of the things that people love about the Premia Dishwasher is how quiet the operation is. You can easily watch your favorite show in the next room while you run the dishwasher. The quiet washing is also going to be beneficial if you live in an apartment building because you don’t want to be getting some complaints from your neighbors about some clunking and whizzing sounds from your dishwasher.

Warranty Period

You can have full confidence with the purchase of the Premia Dishwasher because it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Concerns to Be Aware Of

We all know that no product is perfect and this includes the Premia Dishwasher. In our research, there’s really no major deal breaker that will make you think twice but here’s something that we thought you’d like to know.

One feature that people wished to be included is a function where you can see what part of the wash cycle you are in while it’s in operation. For instance, you might want to add something and you wish to know if there’s still some washing time left. Also since you cannot use your faucet while the Premia Dishwasher is running, it would be convenient if you know how much time is remaining in a cycle. But a simple solution is to check your manual and look for the wash times and keep track of the time you started so you’ll have an idea on the finish time.

What People Say About The Premia Dishwasher

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Do You Really Need The Premia Dishwasher?

Household appliances like the Premia Dishwasher may have been unheard of in the past but have certainly been gaining popularity in recent years for the significant functions that they are able to provide. You may find washing dishes as either a boon or a bane of a task but no one would be able to argue that having a dish washer not only lightens your load of chores at home but it also saves you time and energy. This only equates to less stress and extra money for you. Who wouldn’t want to earn some savings, right?

The Premia Dishwasher is just one of the many types and kinds of dishwashers that you will encounter in the market today. As with any other home appliances, specific brands and models cater to particular features that aim to deliver a more efficient service. In this case, the Premia Dishwasher is a compact equipment that easily fits and stores on any countertop or limited space that you may have near your kitchen sink. Do not let its size fool you because it can easily accommodate a handful of dirty dishes from a family of up to four people. This is even better news for college students, singles or couples who live in apartments or dormitories that may find themselves moving from one abode to another.

It may still not be that convincing for some people to get a Premia Dishwasher or any other type of appliance that does the dishes for them. Washing dishes does seem to be one of the easier domestic routines that you have to fulfill on a daily basis unless you don’t have any opinion about it since you always order for delivery or take out, where disposing of what you have eaten in, just requires you to open the trash bin. Nevertheless, owning a Premia Dishwasher works in your favor even if all you have to put in it are drinking glasses or spoons and forks. Although, you have to fill it up with quite a couple of utensil pieces in order for it to competently do its job.

Home appliances nowadays tend to become more intimidating as every new product or newest model is released into the market. It doesn’t require rocket science to be able to run and initially set up the Premia Dishwasher. It was built to easily settle near your kitchen sink and operate right then and there where there is usually inadequate room for anything else especially if your home is just a small flat. You can even use it in a recreational vehicle if you happen to have one.

The Premia Dishwasher washes your dishes well with just the right push of a button and minimal set up. Even for those of you who are quite meticulous about sparkling clean dishes, it certainly does a great job that it would always seem that you washed the dishes yourself. A majority of the consumers who own the Premia Dishwasher have also boasted of how a cinch it is to maintain considering that its interior is made of stainless steel which also promises a durable unit.

Cleaning gadgets and machines are known to make a bit of noise when in operation which lessens their appeal on consumers considerably. The Premia Dishwasher allows for a hushed dishwashing process that wouldn’t arouse any complaint or unnecessary disturbance. Sanitizing your dishes also comes as a breeze since you have the option for a sanitary cycle that heats the water being used on your dishes. You wouldn’t normally wash your dishes manually in hot water since you could both scald yourself or drop and break the dishes since it would be difficult to handle them in heated water.

The convenience of having your own dishwasher at home easily overrides any setbacks that you think it would bring. People sometimes do worry about how long a machine could serve them without the hassles of it breaking down or being sent for repair. Most appliances like the Premia Dishwasher have warranties. Your dishwasher should be free from ay manufacturer’s defects upon purchase and you are fully covered if ever you encounter problems with it from initial use up to a certain period of time.

Being green and environment friendly is something that we are all striving towards for these days. You would love to have the Premia Dishwasher in your home as it not only aids you with clearing the dishes but it also does it in an economical manner. You are actually saving more water when using it as compared to manually doing the dishes yourself. Having the Energy Star rating also shows that it is an efficient appliance that not only helps you use less energy like water and electricity but it helps you fight climate change in your own simple way as you use the Premia Dishwasher.

In a fast paced society such as what we all currently have no matter where you are in the world today, technology works in our favor. Having a dishwasher may not be as important for you as having a vacuum cleaner or a cooking stove but you will soon find out that owning a Premia Dishwasher may very well be one of the most worthwhile purchases you will ever make.

Not every single household may have a dishwasher but those that do have one are reaping the benefits that go along with it. A Premia Dishwasher will help you have extra time in your hands instead of being stuck in front of the sink doing the dishes. Reading a good book or attending to your children or spouse’s needs are just a few of the things that having a dishwasher allows you to do. Your water bill will also significantly decrease which equates to more savings and money left in your pocket.

The aforementioned advantages do not only apply to having a Premia Dishwasher but also with owning other gadgets, appliances and tools that you have carefully chosen for yourself. Once you have picked an ideal product to match your needs then it is a true indication of being a smart consumer.